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As a GreenCard owner, you don’t have to go through the tedious and complicated process of obtaining a student visa because you can stay in the United States permanently and without restrictions.

With such a residence permit in your hands, you are also considered an in-state student and the tuition fees are reduced by up to 80%!

Elite universities such as At this point, Harvard or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology unfortunately make no distinction between in-state and out-of-state students, while at the University of Florida, GreenCard owners can save up to 80% on tuition fees! Here, the choice of the university literally pays off.

Another advantage of the Permanent Resident Card: when looking for a part-time job in the USA, non-Americans who study are no longer subject to the applicable restrictions. In contrast to students with a visa, as a GreenCard holder you can work “off campus” in the first year of study. This is a significant advantage, because it gives you a much larger selection of job offers.

There are several ways you can apply for a GreenCard, but the easiest is to take part in the GreenCard lottery, where the US government raffles over 55,000 GreenCards each year.

Experience abroad is now an integral part of our CV in our increasingly globalized world. Those who spend time abroad score with attributes such as openness, flexibility, intercultural competence and excellent foreign language skills – and also collect a unique and very personal experience!

Studying with the US GreenCard – The Advantages

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